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30 octobre 2017

Netherlands single distances championships results

The Dutch single distances championships and world cups trials were held this weekend in Heerenveen.

By Jackob Savard
Photo: Schaats Foto’s

Jorien ter Mors, who competed in the first two short track World cup events of the season, was the fastest lady on 500m on day 1 of these long track championships. Koen Verweij who’s making a comeback was really impressive in the 1500m and  beat everyone with a fast time of 1:45,07. World champion Kjeld Nuis finished in 7th position on the distance. Day 1 also saw Antoinette de Jong claim the victory on 3000m as she finished ahead of Ireen Wust and Irene Schouten.

Mulder netherlandsSven Kramer started day 2 with a bang! He won the 5000m ahead of Jorrit Bergsma and Erik-Jan Kooiman. Jorien ter Mors continued her successful championship with the fastest time in the ladies 1500m and collected her second victory. Dai Dai Ntab wins the men’s 500m in front of Ronald Mulder and Kai Verbij. Michel Mulder suffered of a broken spring in the last corner of the 500m and failed to qualify for the World cups. Kjeld Nuis finished 7th for the second time of the competition. What is happening with the 2016-2017 grand world cup champion?

On the last day of competition, Jorrit Bergsma won the 10 000m in front of Sven Kramer. Antoinette de Jong finished in first place in the ladies 5000m. Jorien ter Mors completed with the hat trick with his victory in the 1000m. What a competition for her! Kai Verbij was the fastest man in the 1000m. Kjeld Nuis finally managed to get on the podium with a good second position. Irene Schouten won the ladies mass start and Koen Verweij won the men’s mass start to end an amazing comeback competition for him.

Podium of all the distances:

Ladie’s 500m
1. Jorien ter Mors 38,51
2. Marrit Leenstra 33,88
3. Sanneke de Neeling 39,27
Ladie’s 3000m
1. Antoinette de Jong 4.05,59
2. Ireen Wüst 4.06,13
3. Irene Schouten 4.06,31
Men’s 1500m
1. Koen Verweij 1.45,07
2. Thomas Krol 1.45,35
3. Sven Kramer 1.46,50

Day 2
Men’s 5000m
1. Sven Kramer 6:16,15
2. Jorrit Bergsma 6:17,16
3. Erik-Jan Kooiman 6:19,59
Ladie’s 1500m
1. Jorien ter Mors 1.54,93
2. Ireen Wüst 1.56,17
3. Marrit Leenstra 1.56,64
Men’s 500m
1. Dai Dai Ntab 34,67
2. Ronald Mulder 34,69
3. Kai Verbij 34,95

Day 3
Ladie’s 1000m
1. Jorien ter Mors 1.15,94
2. Marrit Leenstra 1.16,18
3. Ireen Wüst 1.16,50
Men’s 1000m
1. Kai Verbij 1.08,30
2. Kjeld Nuis 1.08,52
3. Koen Verweij 1.08,96
Ladie’s 5000m
1. Antoinette de Jong 6.59,65
2. Carien Kleibeuker 7.00,38
3. Carlijn Achtereekte 7.00,86
Men’s 10000m
1. Jorrit Bergsma 12.55,83
2. Sven Kramer 12.58,02
3. Erik-Jan Kooiman 12.59,48
Ladie’s mass start
1. Irene Schouten
2. Unavailable at the moment
3. Unavailable at the moment
Men’s mass start
1. Koen Verweij
2. Unavailable at the moment
3. Unavailable at the moment

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