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23 juillet 2018

[Video] Elton de Souza's skating clinic in Canada

Inline speed skating world champion Elton de Souza was running a speed skating clinic in Laval, Canada last weekend.

By Jackob Savard
Images: Carl Savard, Jackob Savard
Video editing: Jackob Savard

It's with the desire of spreading his love for speed skating all around the world and to live off of his passion that Elton de Souza started coaching speed skating clinics all around the world a couple of years ago. After coaching in places like Cuba and Indonesia, it’s in Canada that Elton's path stopped this weekend.

The speed skaters present at the clinic had the privilege of learning a lot from the 2018 relay world champion. They learned de Souza’s warm up routine, did technical laps, had the chance to practice their peloton skills and many other elements of inline skating during the two days clinic. De Souza was an excellent teacher and skaters of all ages and all levels appreciated his presence.

A longer article about Elton de Souza will be out in a couple of weeks since we had the privilege to sit with him and chat for a long moment during the weekend.

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Here’s our video of the clinic:

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