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19 juillet 2018

[Video] Elton de Souza wins the first event of the "Mercredis roller de Laval"

The French world champion Elton de Souza took the victory in the first ever edition of the Mercredis roller de Laval.

Text and video: Jackob Savard
Images: Jackob Savard and Carl Savard

In Canada for a training camp he is conducting this weekend in Laval, Elton de Souza took part in the first event of the Mercredis roller de Laval, a 15km race organized by VRL le club every wednesday evening until the end of summer.

Other than de Souza, Canadian team members Julien Armand and Maxime St-Jules, French junior skater Marick Guerinel, well known skater on the Canadian scene Jérôme Comtois-Urbain and 10 other inline skaters took part in this 15km race.

A group of four skaters composed of St-Jules, Armand, Guerinel and de Souza quickly formed at the start of the race. There was a lot of attacks during the race until the group started to split. Elton de Souza finally won the race in solo after a strategic attack. St-Jules and Guerinel completed the podium.

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Here's our video of the race:

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