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19 juillet 2018

Lets talk about gear bags

By Marc-Antoine Caron from  Marchands de vitesse
In collaboration with Passion/Speed/Skating
Photos by Sil Willems and stock photos

More and more skaters are choosing backpacks to transport their skating equipment, like their helmet and skates, that must be handled with care. Therefore, I will be analyzing and comparing the two different models on the market with three different brands.

New Bont Backpack
The Australian brand has launched their latest version of their popular backpack last season. They started by offering the bag in black and flash green colors and now they are also offering it in red and black. They are the most affordable of the three bags we compared. Like all models that are presented the skates, whether they are for ice skating or inline, are placed on each side of the bag. The Bont bag is different from the others because the blades are covered at each extremity. The skates are fixed by two belts and the helmet can be place in a compartment under the bag. In addition, to having a big principal compartment, it has two small pockets inside the bag, and a pocket for a laptop. It is an excellent bag for the quality and price. It is the bag that I am actually testing right now.

MapleZ also launched their new backpack this season. It is in the same price range then the Bont bags. The skates are also placed on each side of the pack and are again tied with belts. It is the smallest bag of all three brands. Compared to the other bags it has more independent compartments inside. It also has a place reserved for the helmet. It is a sturdy bag, and has a good support to prevent discomfort to the athlete’s back. It is an excellent choice for skaters that have less equipment.

The Cadomotus collection
We can easily say that the brand Cadomotus is the leader on the backpack's  market. First known for their inline wheels, the Dutch brand is now getting recognition for their accessories. Their Airflow model is offered in several colors, and is the model that sells the most. The structure of the bag makes it durable. It’s an ideal bag if you have to carry it on long distances. The skates are placed on both sides in exterior pockets. There is also a pocket for the helmet. It has one big compartment for the rest of the equipment. It is identical to their other model Waterflow, except that the Waterflow is water resistant. You can’t go wrong with a Cadomotus backpack.

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