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5 juillet 2018

The list of qualified skaters for the Youth olympic games is confirmed

The FIRS confirmed the list of skaters who qualified for the Youth olympic games that will be held later this season in Buenos Aires.

By Jackob Savard
Photo: @freddyrace

Inline speed skating competitions at the Youth olympic games will be raced on October 7th and 8th. The skaters will compete in three events: 500m, 1000m and 5000m elimination race.

In the list of skaters qualified for the ladies' competition, you'll find multi-medalist at the current World Championships Gabriela Rueda Rueda from Colombia and strong French skater Honorine Barrault. They will definitely be among the favorites in Buenos Aires. .

The men’s category will be very tight with skaters like Ewen Foussadier, Vincenzo Maiorca, Merijn Scheperkamp, Sabien Tinson, Jongjin Cheon, Jhonny Angulo and many others.

Ladies qualified
Gabriela Rueda Rueda - Colombia
Honorine Barrault - France
Giorgia Valanzano - Italy
Nerea Langa - Spain
Ashly Marin Torres - Chile
Angelina Otto - Germany
Corinne Stoddard - United States
Marit van Beijnum - Netherlands
Yerim Lee - Korea
Kuan-Chih Wang - Chinese Taipei
Fernanda Illanes Cabrera - Argentina
Giselle Stogdale - Australia

Men qualified
Jhonny Angulo - Colombia
Ewen Foussadier - France
Merijn Scheperkamp - Netherlands
Vincenzo Maiorca - Italy
Nahuel Schelling Quevedo - Argentina
Jongjin Cheon - Korea
Ivan Galar - Spain
Sabien Tinson - United States
Tai Chen - China
Chia-Wei Chang - Chinese Taipei
Ignacio Mardones Vidal - Chile
Alexander Myint - Australia

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