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1 juillet 2018

Koen Verweij forced to take a break from skating

Four-time olympic medalist and three-time World champion Koen Verweij puts a halt to his skating career for at least one season because of a lack of financial support.

By Jackob Savard

"For a year I will be stepping out to be able to arrange everything perfectly before 2019. A period in which I can properly network and make contacts, to eventually set up the organization as I envisage it" said the 27 years old skater who didn’t manage to find a professionnal team for next season.

Impossible mission
After three seasons of doing all by himself money-wise, Verweij will now be forced to take a break to find support to continue his career. ‘’I’ve spent too much time trying to achieve something impossible’’ Verweij said to the Dutch press.

For his Pyeongchang olympic preparation, Verweij trained in Russia with his former coach Kosta Poltavets. Even if he was able to train in good conditions and with top class athletes such as Denis Yuskov, Verweij had to manage everything financially and logistically. A situation that put a good amount of stress on him and translated into a difficult season. The fact of training with Russian athletes who were banned from the olympics also added negative media attention towards Verweij.

He describes this one year off as his one last attempt to set up a team in which he will only have to focus on sport. A team where he would wake up in the morning as a top athlete.

We will keep you informed if their is development on this topic.

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