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3 juillet 2018

Heerde 2018: Track races recap

The track portion of the competition at the 2018 inline speed skating World Championships came to an end Tuesday in Heerde.

By Jackob Savard

Here's what caught the attention of our team after three crazy days of racing in the Netherlands.

Cujavante too strong
Colombian veteran skater Alex Cujavante Luna was simply too strong in the elimination race on day 1 as he put on a strong last lap sprint to eclipse competition. His successes continued on day 2 in the points and elimination race were he stayed active in the pack and participated in the majority of the attacks to gain precious points. He was able to win his second world champion title in two races with his strong showing. We also need to highlight Cujavante’s teammates Manuel Saavedra and Daniel Zapata who did a good job to help their leader.

The perfect tournament of Mareike Thum
Germany's Mareike Thum raced a perfect 1000m tournament to win her first world champion title. Thum make it through all the rounds by taking the lead and setting up some strong paces.

A first title for Suttels
The young Belgian Jason Suttels won his first world champion title on day 1 in the points race. It was a tight race and Suttles was able to collect 11 points on the 10 000m race against strong French, Italian, Colombian and Dutch teams! Even if the third day was tougher for him, we can expect great things from him on the road as he is clearly in good shape!  

Arias and Viveros power duo
Colombian girls Fabriana Arias and Jhoana Viveros worked really well together in the long distances and they both had their moment of glory. In the elimination race, Arias helped Viveros win the title and was still able to take the third position. On the next day, Arias and Viveros did it again and both stepped on the podium but this time it was Arias who won and Viveros who finished third. They also won the ladies' relay title alongside their teammate Kerstinck Sarmiento.

Pyeongchang olympian who performed well
A couple of skaters who are active this week in Heerde competed in the Pyeongchang olympic winter games. Some of these skaters performed really well so far in these championships! Pedro Causil won a gold and two silver medals, Bart Swings took one silver and one bronze while Vanessa Herzog won a gold and a bronze medal. Things aren't going the way she was hoping for Francesca Lollobrigida but she has been able to collect a silver medal so far.

Exciting France victory in the men's relay
The French relay team made of Elton de Souza, Gwendal le Pivert and Ewen Fernandez took the men's relay world champion title on the last day of track racing. Elton de Souza skated a solid last lap and was able to beat Colombian Pedro Causil at the line.

Experience for the Canadians
Even if they didn’t go through a single round, Canadian skaters Maxime St-Jules, Julien Armand and Marco Frusteri are gaining a ton of peloton experience that will be useful for them in the future. They definitely looked like they were slowed down in the corners. Considering Canada doesn't possess this type of track, the road portion of the competition could suit them better since it’s what they normally compete on at home.

Competitions moves to Arnhem on Thursday for the road races.

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