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16 juillet 2018

Kamminga and Ariëns victorious at the KNSB marathon cup finale

The KNSB marathon cup ended this weekend in Otterloo, Netherlands.

By Jackob Savard
Photo: Schaats Foto’s

The sixth and last event of the KNSB cup saw its two overall champions get crowned for the 2018 season.

Kamminga sprinted to victory
Manon Kamminga’s fast sprint allowed her to won the ladies' marathon in Otterloo and take the first place of the KNSB cup ranking for the 2018 season.  Imke Vormeer and Gerline Crediet completed the marathon cup podium.

Ariëns continued his domination
Crispijn Ariens from Okay fashion & jeans continued his great season by winning the KNSB cup finale this weekend. He lapped the pack once before attacking them a second time to win with a big gap. This win in Otterloo confirmed his victory in the overall ranking of the marathon cup ahead of Marthijn Mulder and Gerwin Smit.  

Mulder and Crediet victorious in the young classification
Marthijn Mulder and Gerline Crediet who are both on the overall podium won the 21 years old and younger classification for the KNSB cup. Mulder won the Ostrava World Inline Cup earlier this season. You should keep an eye on him in the next few seasons!

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Final KNSB cup rankings
1. Manon Kamminga
2. Imke Vormeer
3. Gerline Crediet
4. Beau Wagemaker
5. Bianca Roosenboom
6. Elma de Vires
7. Noraly Berber Vonk
8. Maya de Jong
9. Narijke Groenwoud
10. Danielle Ootes
1. Crispijn Ariëns
2. Martijhn Mulder
3. Gerwin Smit
4. Ronald Haasjes
5. Bart Hoolwerf
6. Ingmar Berga
7. Gary Hekman
8. Erik Valent
9. Bart Swings
10. Tom den Heijer

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