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18 juillet 2018

Summer training camp - A memorable first experience

*Special Collaboration*
Text and pictures by Amélie Marcoux

From July 9 to July 13 2018, three of my children took part in the very first Nagano skate camp in Saint-Augustin-de-Desmaures. Children aged from seven years old and above came from all across the province, some even coming from as far as the Nunavut to be part of this adventure. It was a first experience for my young regional skaters so we didn’t really know what to expect. They were just really excited to have a chance to meet with Charles and Francois Hamelin at some point during the week.

We were promised a dream team of coaches and we were not disappointed. The team was composed of seasoned athletes and ex-Olympians like Éric Bédard, Amélie Ouellet, Francois Drolet and Francois Hamelin supported by Tessa Collard and Marc-Antoine Caron coaches at CPV Sainte-Foy. At my kid’s biggest enjoyment, Charles Hamelin joined the young athletes on the ice for two days, giving his best advices to the future generation of speed skaters.

At first glance, the schedule seemed a bit packed, but it in the end, it turn out to be a perfect fit for the camp. In addition to two ice trainings per day, dry land and play time, the skaters also had the chance to do CrossFit in the pool and a yoga class.
Skaters were separated beforehand in three groups according to their skill level and coaches were paired with each group during the week.

I was a bit worried for my little girl because of her young age and she wasn’t the fastest in her group, but we’ve never felt like she didn’t belong. Encouragement from the coaches and from other skaters as well gave her the strength to give it all and progress substantially during the week. She had so much to tell us every night.

A couple of speakers were also on the schedule like official Michel Dumont, ex-Olympian Guylaine Dumont as well as Charles Hamelin who spoke about their sport, stress management and the athlete’s life. As a complement, Francois Drolet offered a blade sharpening workshop to the skaters and their parents, enhancing the skills set of the next generation of athletes.
In a camp where technical abilities and precision of movements took a bigger place than speed, youngsters were cheerful, attentive and have shown great perseverance.
I want to highlight the professionalism of the team and our world champion. They were very welcoming, patient and helpful all week long with all, from beginners to skilled kids and especially with the youngest skaters, even helping them with their equipment. These careful, dynamic and inspiring people knew how to motivate the young minds to face challenges, sometimes hard, while keeping everything fun.

It was a very great week! Even though the skaters came out with heavy legs (they slept so well!) they always had stars in their eyes and tons of unforgotten memories. My kids can’t wait to start skating again to see their new friends in competition and they look forward to their next Nagano skate camp next summer.

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