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26 mai 2018

The Dutch team is now known

The inline Dutch national team was officially confirmed with a bit more than one month to go before World championships.

Par Jackob Savard
Photo: Schaats Foto's

The host country of the 2018 World championships will have a solid team led by some veterans such as Crispijn Ariens, Gary Hekman and Manon Kamminga. They will also be joined by long track speed skating olympian Ronald & Michel Mulder and some impressive young skaters like Luc ter Haar, Elisa Dul and the Schipper brothers Rick and Kay.

Here’s the full team:

Senior men
Track & road: Crispijn Ariëns, Luc ter Haar, Gary Hekman, Michel Mulder, Ronald Mulder.
Track only: Rémon Kwant, Kay Schipper, Rick Schipper.
Road only: Bart Hoolwerf.
Marathon only: Ingmar Berga, Casper de Gier.

Senior ladies
Track & road: Elisa Dul, Marijke Groenewoud, Maya de Jong, Elsemieke van Maaren, Bianca Roosenboom.
Road only: Manon Kamminga.
Marathon only: Gerline Crediet, Elma de Vries.

Men: Janno Botman, Merijn Scheperkamp, Harm Visser, Teun de Wit, Jordy van Workum.
Ladies: Marit van Beijnum, Anna van den Bos, Bente Kerkhoff.

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