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22 mai 2018

Summer news from David La Rue

Canadian speed skater David La Rue has been one of the biggest surprises of the 2017-2018 season in long track. He recently started his summer preparation and he has big goals for the future!

By Jackob Savard
Photos: Schaats Foto’s & Marc-Antoine Caron (Marchands de vitesse)

The skater, who recently switched from short track to long track, surprised a lot of speed skating fans with his World cup performances last season. Adding to his participation in the World cups, La Rue also managed to be crowned Junior world champion in the mass start. If he hadn’t fall on the last day of racing, he would’ve been in good position to win the Allround world junior champion title. La Rue is one of the young Canadian skaters alongside Christopher Fiola and Tyson Langelaar who are aiming for Beijing 2022.

La Rue is aiming high for 2018-2019
After such an awesome season, La Rue can’t do anything else than aim high for the future. Even if his goals are mostly in his best distances that are the 1000m and the 1500m, La Rue confirmed to us that he will try to see some action in the other distances on the World Cup circuit. “My goals would be to finish in the top 10 in the world in both the 1000m and the 1500m and to qualify for the World cups in the 500m, 5000m and mass start.”, said La Rue. If he qualifies for all these distances, he would get a ton of experience at the international level.

Diversified summer preparation
If some skaters will keep it simple in the summer with only long track and bike trainings, La Rue will have a pretty diverse summer when it comes to training. He will train in Montréal with the short track East Canadian Regional Training Center (CRCE). He will obviously add bike trainings, a long track camp in Calgary and some inline speed skating to his short track training. “I want to get back to inline speed skating a bit because I am sure it could help my long track speed skating strength”, said La Rue. He did not train on the inlines for a couple of season but used to be a great inline skater. He was a member of Team Rockets who owns the 24h of Montreal record since 2014. The 19 years old skater will have quite a different training program than some of his opponents and it could help him achieve his goals.

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