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21 mai 2018

Results from the Dutch marathon championship

The Dutch marathon championship was raced this weekend in Waarland.

By Jackob Savard
Photo: Schaats Foto’s

The winners of this marathon raced in Waarland had the chance to secure their place on the Dutch team for the European and World championships

Ariens and Roosenboom won in the seniors
Crispijn Ariens from Okay fashion & jeans who was the favorite to win the race, won the marathon with a long breakaway in solo that made him cross the finish line in first position. He maintained a strong pace for more than 15 laps out of 29 to beat a competitive chasing group. Casper de Gier and Chris Huizinga finished 2nd and 3rd.

Even if there were many attacks in the ladies race, it all ended with a sprint. Bianca Roosenboom from XL tulips - Powerslide was the fastest in the last straight line and finished in first ahead of of Elsemieke van Maaren and Lisa van der Geest.

Senior men
1. Crispijn Ariëns
2. Casper de Gier
3. Chris Huizinga
4. Gerwin Smit
5. Ronald Haasjes
6. Marthijn Mulder
7. Sjoerd den Hertog
8. Bart van der Vlugt
9. Bart Hoolwerf
10. Tom den Heijer

Senior women
1. Bianca Roosenboom
2. Elsemieke van Maaren
3. Lisa van der Geest
4. Gerline Crediet
5. Imke Vormeer
6. Marieke Driesprong
7. Jannitta van den Brink-Spigt
8. Manon Kamminga
9. Marijke Groenewoud
10. Kelly Schouten

Junior A men
1. Daan Spruit
2. Teun de Wit
3. Harm Visser

Junior A womem
1. Maaike Verweij
2. Anna van den Bos
3. Bente Kerkhoff

Junior B men
1. Remo Slotegraaf
2. Christian Haasjes
3. Ivo de la Porte

Junior B women
1. Ramona Westerhuis
2. Evelien Vijn
3. Laura Qualm

For the full results click HERE

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