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6 mai 2018

Holland cup 2018: Mirena did it again, Tas resists

Julio Mirena and Sandrine Tas won the fifth European cup of the season that was held in Heerde, Netherlands this weekend.

By Jackob Savard
Photos: Thomas Wendt (@freddyrace)

Again this weekend, the skaters had to race in a 300m, a 500m, a points race and an elimination race to fight for the overall classification victory.

Mirena did it again
Julio Mirena, who won the Gross-Gerau Kriterium last week, continued his great European tour this weekend in Heerde as he won the overall classification of the Holland cup. The Venezuelan who’s skating for MPC got consistant results all weekend to win the competition. His best results were a 6th place in the points race and an 8th place in the elimination race.

Swings dominates against big names
Bart Swings, who doesn't need any presentation, offered awesome performances in the long distances by winning the points race and the elimination race. He was able to dominate the long distances classification even if big names like Ewen Fernandez, Daniel Niero, Peter Michael and Nolan Beddiaf were present this weekend in Heerde.

Pedicone and Fernandez: dangerous
Doucelin Pedicone and Ewen Fernandez from France and representing Rollerblade showed great performances in the long distances race this weekend. The young Doucelin Pedicone, who’s in his first season with the seniors, was Fernandez’s best teammate in this weekend’s competition. He did solid work in the pack to help his leader collect a second position in the elimination race and a third position in the points race. With the help of his teammates and his great form, Ewen Fernandez finished second of the long distances classification behind Bart Swings.

Tas was challenged but still finished at the top
Sandrine Tas from Powerslide added another overall victory to her season as she collected two 1st positions, a 2nd position and a 3rd position this weekend in Heerde. Some skaters like Luz Karime Garzon and Francesca Lollobrigida from Bont or Mareike Thum and Giulia Bongiorno from Arma racing made the competition harder for Tas but the Belgian star was able to win anyway.

Lollobrigida in good form
Italian speed skating super star Francesca Lollobrigida, who skated her first competition of the season, showed she was in good form this weekend by winning the elimination race and finishing second in the points race. She finished fourth in the overall classification but did not participate in one of the four distances.

These skaters will disperse all around the world for their national championships, some marathons or to train. The next European cup of the season will be held at the Trois routes in France from the 19th to the 21st of May.

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