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3 mai 2018

Holland cup: The clash of the titans

The fifth European cup of the season will be held this weekend in Heerde.

By Jackob Savard
Photo: Thomas Wendt (@freddyrace)

Some of the best skaters in the world will skate this weekend and it could give us a good idea on what will happen at the World championships that will be held in Heerde later this season.

Queen Lollobrigida makes her entry
The queen of inline speed skating and 2018 olympian Francesca Lollobrigida, will skate in her first competition of the season. The Italian, who's skating for Bont, won 5 european champion titles and 3 world champion titles last season. There will be other superstars to compete with her like the 10 times world champion and 2018 Gross Gerau Kriterium winner from Colombia Luz Karime Garzon, multiple world and European champion Sandrine Tas and the Trophée des 3 piste 2018 winner from France Clémence Halbout.

The skating titans will meet in Heerde
The confrontation between Bart Swings from Powerslide, Ewen Fernandez from Rollerblade, Daniel Niero from Bont, Nolan Beddiaf from EOskates and Peter Michael from Arma will be very exciting. With their solid teammates, these world champions will fight hard to win this competition. Look out for Julio Mirena from MPC who just won the Gross-Gerau Kriterium and will be ready to join the fight. Elton de Souza, who’s skating for MX takino MPC, could also get great results in his last european cup before flying back to France for the national championships.

The schedule
May 4th
300m time-trial
500m qualifications
May 5th
500m finals
Points race
May 6th
Elimination race

Livestream and results
You will be able to follow the competition with the livestream by clicking HERE and browse the live results HERE (link to be confirmed).

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