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30 mai 2018

Exciting inline competitions at the Juegos Suramericanos

The best inline speed skaters in South America were competing at the Juegos Suramericanos Cochabamba 2018 last weekend.

By Jackob Savard
Photo: Thomas Wendt (@freddyrace)

Skaters from ten countries including Colombia, Argentina, Venezuela and Ecuador were competing last weekend in Cochabamba at the South American games wich is a multisports competition that is held every four years.

Guzman, Cujavante and Arias Perez shined
Johan Sebastian Guzman from Venezuela, Alex Cujavante Luna from Colombia and Fabriana Arias Perez also from Colombia managed to win two gold medals each at these games. Guzman won in the 300m and the 500m as the two Colombian skaters won the long distance races.

Argentina showed what they’re made of
Even if they had to fight with the dominant Colombian forces, Argentina’s skaters were able to collect good results at these games. The biggest highlight for them was clearly Rocio Berbel’s victory in the 1000m. Berbel also added to her collection a bronze medal in the 10 000m points race on the last day of racing. Juan Cruz Araldi (silver 1000m), Santiago Roumec (silver 10 000m elimination) and Ken Kuwada (bronze 10 000m elimination, silver 10 000m points) were also in good form an showed great things!

From Olympian to South-american champion
Colombian Pedro Causil, who competed at the Pyeongchang 2018 Olympic games with blades on his feet, offered awesome performances on inline skates this weekend at the South American games. The skater, who returned to the Colombian selection this year, was crowned South American champion on 1000m and added a second place in the 300m to this title.

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