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10 mai 2018

Ewen Foussadier: Chasing Glory

The french skater Ewen Foussadier has a pretty awesome season so far with his remarkable performances in the  junior category of the first four European cup events of 2018.

By Jackob Savard
Photos: Thomas Wendt (@freddyrace)

The 2018 European cup calendar made the Landévant roller club’s skater, now training in with the Pôle France in Nantes, compete in France, Portugal and Germany. He started his season with big overall wins at the Trophée des 3 pistes and the Lagos European cup. He then continued his season with two German classic competitions: the Arena Geisingen international and the Gross-Gerau Kriterium. With these competitions, he added a second and a first overall position to his season. So far, race after race, he’s constantly one of the best juniors to compete.

“I am really happy about how I started my season. My form is constantly improving and I would like to conclude this summer the best way at world championships”  Foussadier told our team a couple of days before the opening of the French road championships.

And now?
The principal goal of the young French skater is clear: collect some world champion titles later this summer. His first big goal is to make the national French team and start is preparation for the Worlds. Foussadier also has the Youth olympic games in sight. With the performances he offered us these past weeks, we can definitely picture him representing France at this competition.

You will be able to follow Ewen’s performance at the French road championships held this weekend in Château-Gontier. The competition will be livestreamed HERE and the results will be shared HERE.

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