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25 mai 2018

Deanna Lockett aims for long track glory

Australian short track speed skating olympian Deanna Lockett will make the switch from short to long track next season.

Par Jackob Savard
Photo: Schaats Foto’s & Martin Holtom

The 22 years old skater who’s already a two times olympian in short track will now look to qualify for the Beijing Olympic games in long track speed skating. "As many people know, anything can happen in short track and sometimes it can go in your favour and other times it doesn’t. It’s what I love and also hate about the sport", said Lockett.

Before it’s too late
With a couple of seasons on the international short track circuit under her belt, Lockett wants to try long track speed skating before it’s too late. "You can only be an Olympic athlete for a short time. So have no regrets." said the Australian skater who won a bronze medal at the Budapest World cup last season. Lockett never tried long track speed skating before and is excited about this new start and adding new goals to her athlete's life.

Lockett’s dream will bloom in the Netherlands
After training a couple of years in South Korea for short track, Lockett will continue her skating career in the Netherlands for long track speed skating. She will join an international group of skaters trained by Desly Hill. She will train alongside skaters like Australia's Daniel Creig, Austria's Vanessa Herzog, Belgiium's Mathias Voste and other skaters competing on the long track World cup circuit.

Knowing the impact of this kind of change, Deanna Lockett is motivated and willing to do anything to achieve her goals on the 400m track!

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