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23 mai 2018

Trois Routes 2018: Lefeuvre and de Souza took the victory

The French skaters Elton de Souza and Marine Lefeuvre won the Trois Routes trophy

By Jackob Savard
Photo: Schaats Foto’s

More than 400 skaters from 6 different countries were in France for the Trophée des Trois Routes. The competition was, for the first time, an European cup stage. Even if it wasn’t the biggest Europa cup event of the season, some big names showed up to fight.

Lefeuvre won the ladies' battle
The top of the ladies' classification changed a couple of time during the weekend and different skaters had the chance to race with the leader’s jersey on. Marine Lefeuvre was finally able to win the last distance of the weekend and confirm her overall win. Maurren Hays and Mélanie Lizé, both from France, completed the overall podium. We need to salute Maite Ancin Gamabarte’s performances as she was in the lead during a portion of the competition.

Elton de Souza dominated the men’s competition
The French skater competing for MX takino MPC, Elton de Souza was dominant in the three days of racing as he won the one lap sprint, the 1000m, the elimination race and the 5000m. De Souza also established three new track records. At the end of the competition, Quentin Giraudeau from Rollerblade and Hugon Dorian from MG custom finished second and third.

The next Europa cup will be held in Worgl from June 1st to June 3rd. You should also look out for the World inline cup marathons that are approaching.

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