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8 janvier 2019

Tran and Santos 2019 American short track champions

United States’ short track speed skating championships were held last weekend at the Utah olympic oval.

By Jackob Savard
Photo: Danny Kim (@dk_st)

Spots on the American team for the last two World cup events of the short track season and for the 2019 World championships were up for grab. The skaters battled it out to compete in one final of each distances: 500m, 1000m and 1500m.

Tran and Hong to lead the men’s team
Even if Thomas Insuk Hong won both the 500m and the 1000m, his 8th place on 1500m gave Aaron Tran the overall victory. Tran won the 1500m and managed to collect a silver and a bronze medal on 500m and 1000m. They will be the two men skating the individual distances at Worlds for the USA. Jonathan So, Adam Callister, Aaron Heo and Andrew Heo will join them on the World cup team for the second half of the season as they finished 3rd to 6th in the overall ranking.  

Santos, Stoddard and Biney neck and neck
Kristen Santos won the overall ranking with victories on 1500m and 1000m. She also finished 3rd on 500m. Corinne Stoddard finished 2nd overall with podiums on every distances. Maame Biney won the 500m and finished second on 1000m but her 6th position on 1500m hurt her final ranking. Santos and Stoddard were selected to race the individual distances at the World championships but Stoddard declined the invitation because the inline speed skating season will have started. Maame Biney will replace her. Julie Letai, Danielle Amos and Jamie Jurak will complete the World cup team.

World Cup 5 & 6
Kristen Santos
Corinne Stoddard
Maame Biney
Julie Letai
Danielle Amos
Jamie Jurak
Aaron Tran
Thomas Hong
Jonathan So
Adam Callister
Aaron Heo
Andrew Heo
World Championship Team:
Aaron Tran
Thomas Hong
Kristen Santos
Maame Biney

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