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2 janvier 2019

Mid-season bulletin in short track: China

China has been one of the best countries in short track for a while now. Here’s our mid-season bulletin concerning the performances of its athlete so far this season.

Par Jackob Savard
Photo: Danny Kim (DK_ST)

Since it will host the next winter Olympic games in 2022, China is a country that we will probably see dominate in short track in the next few years, especially after hiring Canadian coach Derrick Campbell. Here’s how their young team performed during the three first World cup events of the season.

Young veterans leading the way
Even though they missed the Almaty leg of the World cup this fall, team's veterans Wu Dajing and Fan Kexin continue to lead the Chinese team in the rankings. Wu Dajing won the three 500m finals he competed in and leads the World cup classification on the distance even though he missed one of the four 500m competed so far this season. Fan Kexin currently sits in fourth place in the 500m ranking and in 10th place in the 1000m ranking even though she only raced the distance once. She collected two individual bronze medals and one silver medal during the first two World cups and we can expect big things from her for the second half of the season. Fan and Wu also helped the Chinese mixed relay team take the lead in the ranking with two events to go.

Younger skaters making their way to the top
Skaters such as twenty-one-year-old Ren Ziwei, two-time medalist on 1000m, seventeen-year old Li Jinyu and eighteen-year-old Li Xuan who both medaled on 1500m and currently in the top 10 of this distance, will probably reach their peak in four years just in time for the Beijing olympics. Other young skaters such as Zang Yize, Wang Pengyu and Jia Haidong have also shown good things on the World cup circuit.

The men’s 5000m relay team won a silver and a bronze medal and is in third place of the World cup classification. The ladies had a harder time in the 3000m relay and are currently in 6th place.

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