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18 novembre 2017

Charles Hamelin sends a clear message - Day 3 in Seoul

It seems like just yesterday we were at the Maurice-Richard arena to cover the Canadian fall World cup selection and here we are already on the last weekend of this World cup season.

By Carl Savard

Choi too strong

The women’s 1500m final started with Italy’s Arianna Fontana trying to lead the pack at a slow pace, but China’s Han Yutong got rapidly in the front to bring the pace up. The lead changed many times during the race until Kim Boutin got in the front. With one lap to go, Boutin was passed on the inside by Shim Suk Hee while Choi Min Jeong was passing her on the outside. Choi won gold for the third time out of four 1500m finals finishing first in the final ranking. Shim Suk Hee’s silver also brought her second place overall for the season. Canada’s Kim Boutin ends up with the bronze and third place overall this season on the distance.

Hamelin in control

On the men’s side, Hwang Dae Heon, J.R. Celski, Han Tianyu, Samuel Girard, Thibaut Fauconnet, Lim Hyo Jun and Charles Hamelin had a meeting at the top and the canadian veteran made a huge statement. He was calm for the first half of the race, wise on the second half and just too strong in the final lap with a powerful pass on Hwang Dae Heon with 50m to go. Hamelin wins gold, finishing ahead of Hwang and Celski. There is no doubt now: Charles Hamelin is ready for Pyeongchang. Do not be surprise in February if he ends up joining or even surpassing Marc Gagnon and François-Louis Tremblay at the top of Canada’s olympic history in short track.

Even though Sjinkie Knegt was not in the main final this week, his strong results in the first three legs of the World cup season places him in second place overall in the final ranking on 1500m between Hwang (1st) and Hamelin (3rd).

On 500m

Italy’s Martina Valcepina, fourth on the starting line, exploded out of the blocks leading the race for the first lap and a half before being passed by 2017 world champion Elise Christie. The British star finished in first place. Choi Min Jeong late effort was nullified by a move from Marianne St-Gelais that got Valcepina deported outside. Choi still finished in second place while Valcepina finished in third.  St-Gelais was penalised on her move but her fourth place still got her enough points to finish the World cup season ahead of Choi by a few points in the final ranking. Arianna Fontana finishes third on the season.

The men’s side of the competition was a confrontation between Hungary and China as Liu Shaoang and Liu Shaolin Sandor were battling Wu Dajing and Ren Ziwei. Wu repeated his result of last week on the distance finishing ahead of Liu Shaolin and Liu Shaoang. On the season’s final ranking, Wu finishes first followed by Liu Shaolin and Canada’s Samuel Girard.

The relay event

Korea, Russia, China and the Netherlands will fight in the women’s 3000m relay final tomorrow while the U.S.A, Kazakhstan, Russia, Korea and the Netherlands will battle on the men’s 5000m relay event.

The World cup season ends tomorrow with the 1000m event and the relay finals.

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