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15 novembre 2017

Helmets in short track

Concussions are a phenomenon that is very present in our sport. In short track, there are two elements that are essential to avoid concussions: the mat system and the helmet. The skaters do not have much control on the mats system, however they can always choose which helmet they wear. Here is what you need to know before buying a speed skating helmet.

By Marc-Antoine Caron from  Marchands de vitesse
In collaboration with Passion/Speed/Skating
Photos: Schaats Foto's and stock photos

The new shape

A few years ago, a new style of helmets came to the market. Those modern helmets are much rounder, examples are EVO/Skate-tec helmets and the Cadomotus ones. They can remind us of the old speed skating helmets, which disappeared during the early 2000s. This new shape of helmet is not only for the style, but for the effectiveness in protecting athletes from concussions. Furthermore, tests have shown the importance of decreasing the tail of the helmet because it reduces the rotation movement of the head during the impact, which causes less head injuries.

A new standard

This season there will be the return of an influential brand in the speed skating equipment. Louis Garneau has launched a brand-new model of helmet, the VITESSE helmet. Evidentially, it has the new round shape, but they additionally integrated the MIPS technology, which is already present in the bike industry. In brief, MIPS allows the helmet to move independently from a shell put inside the helmet. As a result, this latest technology reduces the rotation of the head at the impact. You must see it to believe it!

Choose the matt finish

The type of finishing on the helmet can also make a difference in the event of a crash. Notably, the matt finish must be privileged when it’s time to choose your helmet. The reason for this is that the matt finish will allow the helmet to slide on the mats vinyl. On the other hand, a gloss finish will be more likely to stick on the mat. Consequently, when the helmet slide’s, there is less rotation for the head. EVO/Skate-tec, Cadomotus and Louis Garneau offer the option of the matt finish. However, you must know that the helmet covers in competition will do the same as the matt finish.

Adjustment is the key

It is critical that the helmet is well adjusted to your head to have the maximum protection in case of a skating fall. In the first place, you need to verify that the shin attach is tight enough, to do so the space between the shin and the attach should be of approximately a finger. Secondly, most of the helmets now have a tightening system behind the head, therefore be sure that it is tight enough. Finally, the helmet must be as close as possible to your head. To do so the cushions inside the helmet must touch all around your head. If it is not the case, it is recommended to add cushions. It is important to know that if your helmet is not well fitted during an impact between your head and the mat, the helmet will rapidly hit your head which can cause a concussion. In general, the helmet would have been useless.

All the models mentioned above are available online at Marchands de vitesse.

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