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17 novembre 2017

Kodaira and Lorentzen too strong in Stavanger

The world's best long track speed skaters competed today on their first distances of World cup #2 in Stavanger.

As always, some top dogs were in the B group. Marrit Leenstra from the Netherlands was victorious in the division B 500m and the German Nico Ihle won the 1000m.

The first 500m of the competition was won by Nao Kodaira of Japan. She has been dominant in the sprint distances so far this season. Canadian Marsha Hudey and Austria's inline speed skating star Vanessa Herzog completed the podium. Havard Holmefjord Lorentzen won the men’s 500m in front of his home crowd. The Dutch Hein Otterspeer was just 0.02 seconds short of winning the distance and Artur Was from Poland finished third.

Nao Kodaira won her second distance of the day with a spectacular performance in the 1000m. Kodaira’s teammate Miho Takagi and Dutch Marrit Leenstra finished second and third. Havard Holmefjord Lorentzen was the fastest in the men’s 1000m and was victorious for the second time today. Kai Verbij and Thomas Krol from the Netherlands completed the podium.

Kodaira and Lorentzen's season is off to an awesome start. What a day again for them! It will be interesting to see if they will be able to keep this pace throughout the season.

Competition continues tomorrow with the 500m (2) and the 1500m

You can browse the full results of the day HERE

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