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10 novembre 2017

The table is set for World cup #3 in short track

Text: Carl Savard

After two days of hard fought battles, the table is set for the main event of the third leg of the World cup circuit in short track speed skating. Here is your chance to know who will fight who in the next rounds. Lets start with the details on today’s qualification stage on 1000m and the relay event.


On the women’s side of the competition,  the first heat of the quarterfinals will oppose Véronique Pierron, Kim Boutin, Magdalena Warakomska, Arianna Fontana, Andrea Keszler and Sara Luca Bacskai.

Lee Yu Bin, Valérie Maltais, Ekaterina Efremenkova, Lana Gehring and Lara van Ruijven will be in the the second heat.

The third and probably strongest heat will see Marianne St-Gelais, Kim A Lang, Shim Suk Hee currently first on the distance, Yara van Kerkhof, Anna Seidel and Katherine Reutter battle it out.

As for the fourth heat, Deanna Lockett, Suzanne Schulting, Sofia Prosvirnova, Han Yutong and Charlotte Gilmartin will try to advance to the semis.

Notable absentees on 1000m: Last season’s overall world champion Elise Christie was penalised in the second round, chinese great Fan Kexin was penalised in the first round and Hungary’s Petra Jaszapati could not make it out of a fast first round race.

On the men’s side, the first heat will oppose Park Se Yeong, Viktor Ahn, Samuel Girard, Nurbergen Zhumagaziyev and Keita Watanabe.

The second heat will be Kwak Yoon Gy, J.R. Celski, Charle Cournoyer, Hwang Dae Heon, Billy Simms and Semen Elistratov.

The third heat will see Thibaut Fauconnet, John-Henry Krueger, Han Tianyu, Alexander Shulginov and Liu Shaolin Sandor battle it out.

In the last heat, Vladislav Bykanov, Liu Shaoang, Charles Hamelin, Kazuki Yoshinaga, Wu Dajing and Treacy Farrell will try to move forward in the competition.

Notable absentees on 1000m: Netherlands’ superstar Sjinkie Knegt and Latvia’s Roberto Pukitis were both penalised in the first round.

Women’s 3000m and men’s 5000m relay events

On the women’s side, Korea, Italy, Russia and Hungary will take part on the first semifinal of the relay event while China, the Netherlands, Canada and Japan will be in the second one. Without the help of Elise Christie, Great-Britain was not able to qualify for the semis. After a B final in Budapest and not qualifying for the the semis in Dordrecht, team France was penalised yesterday and will not take part in the semifinals in Shanghai.

On the men’s side, China, Italy, Korea and Russia will take part in the first heat of the semifinals while Hungary, France, Canada and the USA will be in the second one. Team Japan who took part in the relay grand finale in Budapest and Dordrecht was penalised in the qualifying stage and won’t be in the semis tomorrow.

For more details on the notable absentees on 500m and 1500m, take a look at our Overview of the first day in Shanghai.

Here are the heats for tomorrow’s 500m, 1500m and relay event.

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