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9 mars 2018

Takagi and Wüst neck and neck after day 1 in Amsterdam

The ISU World allround championships started today at the prestigious Amsterdam olympic stadium.

By Jackob Savard
Photo: Schaats Foto’s

On day 1, the ladies raced the 500m and the 3000m while the men had their last day of training.

Takagi got the advantage in a rainy 500m
It is under heavy rain that the ladies raced their 500m. This distance is always interesting to watch at the World allround championships as the majority of the skaters who are competing are not used to race on this particular distance. Japanese Miho Takagi was the fastest on the distance with a time of 39.010. Germany’s Gabriele Hirschbichler and Japan’s Ayaka Kikuchi completed the top three.

Wüst triumph on 3000m
Ireen Wüst, the queen of speed skating, shattered the competition on 3000m with a time of 4:15.80. Wüst’s closest competitor was Miho Takagi from Japan who was four seconds slower. Martina Sáblíková finished in third place.

With a first and a second place, Miho Takagi takes the lead in the allround ranking.

The competition will resume tomorrow with the end of the ladies’ championship and the start of the men’s competition.

Top 8 after two distances
1.Miho Takagi (JPN) 82.306
2.Ireen Wüst (NED) 83.433
3.Antoinette de Jong (NED) 84.310
4.Ayaka Kikuchi (JPN) 84.321
5.Annouk van der Weijden (NED) 84.615
6.Francesca Lollobrigida (ITA) 84.786
7.Nikola Zdáhalova (CZE) 84.881
8.Martina Sáblíková (CZE) 85.318

Full rankings are available HERE

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