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16 février 2020

World Records all around on Day 3 in Salt Lake City

Day three of the World Single Distance Championships saw world records broken in three of four distances skated on the Day.  

By Maria Dalton
Photo: Maria Dalton

Russia led the way today capturing five medals across four distances, with two Russian skaters setting WRs on the fastest ice in the world.

Russia’s Natalia Voronina found herself atop the podium after setting a new record and dipping below the 6:40.00 mark through 5k - 6:39.021. After reigning world champion Martina Sablikova set a new record on the distance, it was Voronina who dipped two seconds lower to capture the title of world champion. Martina Sablikova had to settle for silver with her time of 6:41.184, while Esmee Visser - who collapsed crossing the line - finished with a time of 6:46.685 for the bronze. Canadian’s Ivanie Blondin and Isabelle Weidemann finished in 5th and 6th place, respectively. 

Pavel Kulizhnikov was once again the man of the hour as he broke Kjeld’s Nuis WR time from last season to go sub 1:06.00 with his time of 1:05.697. The past world record holder, Dutchman Kjeld Nuis, was over a second slower than the Russian and had to settle for the silver. Thomas Krol posted the third fastest time of the afternoon however he was later disqualified, leaving Canadian Laurent Dubreuil to move up into the bronze medal position with a PB time - 1:06.765. Antoine Gelinas-Beaulieu and Alexandre St-Jean were the other Canadians in the mix and finished 9th and 17th, respectively. 

Laurent Dubreuil

On the women’s side it was Jutta Leerdam who found herself atop the podium with a personal best of 1:11.847. Leerdam, who skated in the 8th pair, would have to wait for eight more skaters to cross the line before being crowned world champion. Olga Fatkulina put up a strong fight, however even with a personal best of 1:12.331 she was unable to match the Dutchwoman’s speed and finished in the silver medal position. Rounding off the podium was Miho Takagi who finished with a time of 1:12.344. Canadians Heather McLean, Beatrice Lamarche and Abigail McCluskey finished in 19th, 21st and 24th. 

Team Pursuit
As the male team pursuit squads took the ice it was yet another world record that stole the show courtesy of Sven Kramer, Douwe de Vries and Marcel Bosker. The Dutch trio, skating today with sub Marcel Bosker instead of Roest in the second pair, finished two seconds ahead of the second place team to smash the world record with a time of 3:34.687. The Japanese trio of S. Ichinohe, S. Williamson, R. Tsuchiya found themselves in second with a time of 3:36.416, while the Russian squad rounded off the podium with a time of 3:37.247. The Canadians, who started off slow, were unable to climb back enough to find themselves on the podium - finishing in fourth. Ted-Jan Bloemen could be heard apologizing to his teammates after the race as he took responsibility for the Canadians failure to get on the podium today.

You can browse the full results HERE

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