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8 février 2020

Day 2 in Dresden: Kim Ji Yoo surprises Schulting - Park Ji Won dominates

The best skaters in the world are currently competing at the fifth Short Track World Cup in Dresden, Germany.

By Florence Gauthier
Photos by Martin Holtom

1000m - The Koreans, masters of the situation
Regulars of short track speed skating know the Korean long-distance strategy: stay in the back of the pack to keep your legs fresh and accelerate towards the end to win the race. On the men's side, this strategy paid off for the World Cup distance leader Park Ji Won, who finished first. Shaolin Sandor Liu (HUN) won the silver medal and Yoshinaga Kazuki (JPN) closed the podium. The women had to work twice as hard compared to a regular 1000m since, two laps from the end, the race was stopped after a fall from Lee Yu Bin (KOR) and Sofia Prosvirnova (RUS). The Korean was penalized and unfortunately went out on a stretcher and the Russian was also penalized. When the race resumed, Suzanne Schulting (NED), Courtney Lee Sarault (CAN) and Kim Ji Yoo (KOR) fought for first place. A hot fight between Schulting and Kim saw the Korean win the distance. Sarault managed to take second place at the very end and Schulting settled for bronze.

1500m - Some first-timers on the men's side - Boutin penalized
The public was treated with an exciting race for the men's A final. From the start, Ren Ziwei (CHN) accelerated to try to take a lap on the other skaters. The attempt narrowly failed, but his lead allowed him to win the race. Two new faces ended up on the podium. In his first career World Cup, Sven Roes (NED) used the adrenaline from his first A final to win the silver medal. Kim Dagyeom (KOR) had visited the podium in relays this season but had never won an individual medal on the circuit. This is no longer the case thanks to his bronze medal in the distance. To everyone's surprise, the 1500m overall leader in the World Cup, Lee June Seo (KOR), was disqualified following a line change in an overtaking. The women's A final was not easy either. Kim Boutin (CAN), fifth on the distance, was in a good position, but she made a bad overtaking and was penalized. Choi Min Jeong (KOR) used the Korean strategy to go for the gold. On the podium, Noh Ah Rum (KOR) was on the second step and Han Yu Tong (CHN), the distance leader, finished on the third step.

Mixed relay - First victory of the season for the Hungarians
In their first A final of the season, the Hungarians defeated the other teams to win gold. The last handover went to Shaolin Sandor Liu for Hungary and Semen Elistratov on the Russian side. The two skaters fought a close battle, but the Hungarian emerged victorious. The French followed the Russians on the podium to win the bronze medal. Unfortunately, in the middle of the race, a skater from the Netherlands fell, which cost the team a place on the podium.

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