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22 septembre 2017

Awaited World Inline Cup final

The 2017 World Inline Cup season will end this weekend in Berlin where the last points for the general classification will be awarded.

By Jackob Savard
Photo: BMW BERLIN-MARATHON/Jiro Mochizuki

Jakob Ulreich is in first place in the rankings thanks to his great performances in Incheon, Ostrava and Harbin. Alexander Bastidas from Venezuela and Ewen Fernandez from France are second and third.

It is important to note that some skaters that are lower in the classification still are big contenders for the victory. Patxi Peula who recently won a few medals at the world championships and also won the Harbin stage of the World Inline Cup is surely one of the favorite. Bart Swings who has won the four last editions and holds the world record is also one of the skaters that could pass the finish line in first place. You should also keep an eye on other skaters like Felix Rijhnen, Guillaume de Mallevoue and Yann Guyader..

In the ladies competition, Katharina Rumpus is the leader. She has been dominant all year long in the marathons and had podiums in every stage of the World Inline Cup. She will be hard to beat in the final ranking because few ladies were as constant as she was. Even if the overall ranking is not really up for grabs, some ladies can really battle Rumpus for a victory in the prestigious Berlin marathon.

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