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26 septembre 2017

Results from the Fall Classic in Calgary

Text: Carl Savard
Photo: Arno Hoogveld

With the kids back in school and the leaves changing colors, it is time for a new speed skating season and the Olympic oval in Calgary was host to the 2017 Fall Classic speed skating competition. Skaters from all over the world were there to prepare for the upcoming World cup season or to acquire experience.

Although open competition never gets enough media coverage, the second day of the 2017 Fall classic did, thanks to Canada’s Ted-Jan Bloemen. On Friday, the long distance specialist born in the Netherlands but skating for Canada since 2014, brought down the 5000m Canadian record from 6:11.64 to 6:08.06! Three and half seconds faster than the old record and eleven seconds faster than second place finisher Korean skater Kim Min-Seok. Kazakh skater Dmitry Babenko finished  in third place. Bloemen almost beat the world record on 3000m the following day.

Here is a quick  run-down of this weekend’s results.

Friday, September 22, 2017

500m Men:
1-Yang Tao, China 35.13sec
2-Cha Min-Kyu, Korea 35.15sec
3-Kim Tae-Yun, Korea 35.26sec

500m Women:
1-Kim Min Sun,Korea,37.70sec  
2-Kim Hyun-Yung, Korea,37.96sec
3-Yu Jing,China, 38.25sec

1000m Men:
1-Vincent de Haître,Canada,1:08.58
2-Kim Young-Jin,Korea,1:09.38
3-Denny Morrisson,Canada,1:09.52

1000m Women:
1-Tian Ruining,China, 1:15.95
2-Hao Jiachen,China, 1:16.43
3-Noh Seon-Yeong,Korea, 1:17.04

5000m Men:
1-Ted-Jan Bloemen,Canada, 6:08.06  
2-Kim Min-Seok,Korea, 6:19.79
3-Dmitry Babenko,Kazakhstan, 6:20.73

5000m Women:
1-Josie Morrisson,Canada, 7:07.51  
2-Victoria Spence,Canada, 7:10.50  
3-Lauren Mcguire,Canada, 7:28.64

Saturday, September 23, 2017

500m Men:
1-Mika Poutala,Finland,34.85sec  
2-William Dutton,Canada, 34.93sec  
3-Kim Seong-Gyu,Korea, 35.47sec

500m Women:
1-Lee Sang-Hwa,Korea, 37.97sec  
2-Heather Mclean,Canada, 38.14sec  
3-Yu Jing,China, 38.34sec

1000m Men:
1-Mo Tae-Bum,Korea, 1:08.74  
2-Mika Poutala,FInland, 1:08.98  
3-Chung Jae-Woong,Korea 1:09.15

1000m Women:
1-Yekaterina Aydova,Kazakhstan, 1:15.29  
2-Les San-Hwa,Korea, 1:15.63  
3-Kim Min Sun,Korea, 1:15.99

3000m Men:
1-Ted-Jan Bloemen,Canada, 3:37.37  
2-Denny Morrisson,Canada, 3:40.44  
3-Shani Davis,U.S.A. 3:41.43

3000m Women:
1-Isabelle Weidmann,Canada, 4:02.31  
2-Ivanie Blondin,Canada, 4:06.93  
3-Josie Morrisson,Canada, 4:07.33

Sunday, September 24, 2017

500m Men:
1-Yang Tao,China, 34.84sec  
2-Mo Tae-Bum,Korea, 34.89sec
3-Roman Krech,Kazakhstan, 34.96sec

500m Women:
1-Kim Hyun-Yung,Korea, 37.97sec  
2-Kim Min Sun,Korea, 38.02sec
3-Yekaterina Aydova,Kazakhstan, 38.83sec

1500m Men:
1-Kim Min-Seok,Korea,  1:44.61
2-Kim Cheol-Min,Korea,  1:45.97  
3-Joo Hyung-Joon, Korea,  1:46.12

1500m Women:
1-Hao Jiachen,China, 1:56.60  
2-Isabelle Weidemann,Canada, 1:57.50  
3-Noh Seon-Yeong,Korea,  1:58.20

You can browse the full results HERE

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