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23 septembre 2017

Five in a row for Bart Swings

Bart swings berlin marathon winner world inline cup
The best inline speed skaters in the world where on the starting line of the 44th Berlin Marathon.

By Jackob Savard
Photo @ssc events / photorun

Bart Swings, from Belgium wins the prestigious marathon for the fifth time in his incredible career. He was on the attack with Patxi Peula Cabello from Spain. Peula finished second and Felix Rijhnen who had an awesome year claimed the bronze medal. 

Maira Arias passed the finish line in first position in the women's race with a new world record of 1:06,35. Rocio Bercel and Sandrine Tas finished second and third.

Here's a little tribute for Bart: 

Results Men:

Results Women:

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