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6 juin 2018

UPDATE: Derrick Campbell about to leave Canada for China

By Carl Savard

The months following the Olympic games are always full of plot twists in the magical world of sports and it includes the world of short track speed skating. Reigning world champion Charles Hamelin announced he was postponing his retirement, while  his teammates Marianne St-Gelais and François Hamelin and Great-Britain's Charlotte Gilmartin all announced they were hanging up their skates. Some top skaters in Korea are taking time off from the ice next season, the Netherlands' Daan Breeuwsma needed surgery, Australia's Deanna Lockett is moving from short track to long track while John Henry Krueger is about to leave the United-States for Hungary. But today's news is a big one. 

It seems that after more than 10 years as the head coach of Canada's national team in short track speed skating, Derrick Campbell is about to leave Canada to join China's national team. Campbell, who represented his country in short track at the 1992, 1994 and 1998 Olympic games, coached the Canadian men's team for three Olympic games: Vancouver, Sochi and Pyeongchang. 

We will give you more informations as soon as they're available. 

Update 2018-06-07

Speed skating Canada just released the news with a statement from Campbell: 
“I’m excited about this next challenge in my career,” said Derrick Campbell. “It’s an opportunity to experience and learn new things and to be a part of something as special as helping to prepare a team for a home Olympic Games.”

“It wasn't an easy decision to make, but after 12 years at this job, I was ready to take on new challenges,” explained Derrick Campbell.
“I’m deeply appreciative of my time with the Canadian program,” Campbell added. “I’d like to extend many thanks to Speed Skating Canada for its support over the years and to the staff and athletes, with who I developed many great relationships and shared so many incredible moments. It was a privilege to be a part of this team for so many years.”

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