30 juin 2018

Road to World Championships: Team Canada

Yes, you read that right. Canada will be represented at the World Roller Speed Skating Championships in Heerde.

By Carl Savard
Photos by Carl Savard

Canada isn’t known for its strength in the world of inline speed skating, but since that’s where Passion/Speed/Skating is based, we had to talk about our team that will be in Heerde! Some big names like Valérie Maltais, Jordan Belchos and Olivier Jean enjoy the sport but they are all focused on their career on the ice and rarely do major competitions on wheels. Only a handful of skaters have represented Canada at the World championships in the past. 2018 will be different for Canada though as three musketeers, Maxime St-Jules, Julien Armand and Marco Frusteri, have decided to ask Peter Doucet from Roller Sports Canada if they could wear the Maple Leaf and represent Canada in Heerde, Netherlands. Although most countries will send specialists on different distances, be prepared to see the Canadian boys try a bit of everything during the competition.

Frusteri, Armand and St-Jules are all short track speed skaters during winter but have enjoyed competing on wheels for a while now. Julien Armand has had the chance to be part of a team at the 24 Hours of Le Mans and they all took part in the 24h Roller Montreal and other competitions in the Montreal area. Knowing the competitive spirit of those young men, especially St-Jules, it’ll be interesting to see how they do for a first visit at the World championships.

Senior Men
Maxime St-Jules
Julien Armand

Junior Men
Marco Frusteri

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