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25 juin 2018

Road to World Championships: Team Germany

The World Championships are approaching and more teams have been officially announced. Today, we are showcasing team Germany!

By Jackob Savard
Photo: Thomas Wendt (@freddyrace)

A strong German team will compete in Heerde. Led by stars of the sport such as Felix Rijhnen, Simon Albrecht, Laethisia Schimek, Mareike Thum and Katharina Rumpus, Germany’s team can strive for big results.

Felix Rijhnen, who offered us one of the best moment of the 2017 World Championships, is back in the team and you should watch him in the longer distances. Simon Albrecht, who’s seen as the best sprinter in the world by many fans of the sport, is coming back from an injury and it’s hard to predict how he will perform. One thing is sure, the European, World and World Games champion will give everything he has. The ladies’ team could also show great things with World Games champion Mareike Thum and World Inline Cup champion Katharina Rumpus leading a team of strong skaters.

Senior men
Felix Rijhnen
Philipp Forstner
Patrick Reuter
Stefan Emele
Ron Pucklitzsch
Florian Berg
Simon Albrecht
Sebastian Mirsch

Senior ladies
Laethisia Schimek
Mareike Thum
Larissa Gaiser
Josie Hofmann
Sabine Berg
Jenny Peißker
Katja Ulbrich
Katharina Rumpus

Junior men
Jan Martin Mende
Luca Berti
Nils Bühneman
Paul Schlichting

Junior ladies
Angelina Otto
Franziska Petry
Leonie Imhof
Anna Ostlender
Melina Scheffer

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