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21 juin 2018

Summer news from Tyson Langelaar

When talking about the future of long track speed skating in Canada, Tyson Langelaar’s name always tend to be mentioned in the discussion. Learn more about his summer preparation for the upcoming season.

By Jackob Savard
Photo: Arno Hoogveld

The skater from Manitoba who finished third overall at the 2017 World Junior Championships and second overall at the 2018 World Junior Championships is now preparing for his first year in the senior category.

First full summer in Calgary
When asked about his summer preparation, he confirmed to us that things are different for him this time around. "This year, it’s a little different from my previous summers. It’s my first full summer out in Calgary and first year training with the national team". He will be combining ice sessions, dryland training, intense bike ride and training camps under the supervision of his national team coaches Bart Schouten and Todd McClements.

Aiming for the World Cup circuit
Langelaar’s principal goal for the 2018-2019 season is to qualify for the fall World Cup events. "My main focus is the 1500m but I think I could have a good shot in the 1000m distance also". After winning medals at the junior level, he now aims to climb his way up the rankings in the senior category against the bests in the World. The Canadian long track fall selections, where Langelaar will try to qualify, will be held in Calgary in mid-October.

The 19 years old skater is motivated and working hard and you should keep an eye on him in the next few seasons as he is part of the skaters who could be at their prime for Beijing 2022.

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