UPDATE 2018/06/04: John-Henry Krueger in red, white and... green? ~ Passion/Patin/Vitesse - Passion/Speed/Skating


4 juin 2018

UPDATE 2018/06/04: John-Henry Krueger in red, white and... green?

John-Henry krueger usa hungary pyeongchang olympic medalist

Pyeongchang 2018 olympic silver medalist, USA's John-Henry Krueger, seeks to represent Hungary at the next Olympics games.

By Jackob Savard & Carl Savard
Photo by: Schaats Foto’s

The short track speed skating 1000m olympic silver medalist John-Henry Krueger, who’s been training in South-Korea and the Netherlands in past seasons, confirmed that he will not represent the United-States on the international level in the future and will look to have his Hungarian citizenship to join their national team.

The lack of support from US speedskating and the American Olympic committee is what made him took this decision. "I was and am still proud to have represented the United States during my career but have been faced with an unsustainable situation where if I continue pursuing my career with the US team I will bankrupt myself and my family", said Krueger to USA today sports. His older brother Cole has been skating in Hungary since 2015 because of similar problems with US speedskating.

Krueger might not be able to skate internationally next season because of an ISU rule that prevents skaters from randomly switching countries at any time. Krueger will still have a lot of time to train in Hungary before the 2022 Olympic games.

Now let’s just imagine a Hungarian relay team led by Shaolin Liu, Shaoang Liu and John-Henry Krueger!

UPDATE June 4th 2018:

Even though we don't have a confirmation from the ISU concerning a request from Hungary to add JHK to their team, it seemed clear on Krueger's side that he's moving on with his career and leaving team USA.

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