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7 décembre 2018

Almaty Day 1: the calm before the storm

After a month of building on what went well in the first two events of the World cup season in short track or working on strategies to make sure to move forward and get better results, day one of World cup #3 held in Almaty is now over.

By Carl Savard
Photo by Danny Kim

Individual events
The individual portion of this qualifying day of action didn’t bring too many surprises. Kim Boutin was back in action for Canada after skipping the first two events of the season and the twenty-three-year-old from Sherbrooke, Qc didn’t miss a beat. She qualified to be part of the 1000m competition and one of the 1500m that will take place this weekend.

On the men’s side, the day was pretty quiet which means that the weekend won’t be. All of the big names qualified for the main event while some of the other athletes will have to battle it out in repechage sessions to fill the few spots left for the big show.

Team events
In the women’s 3000m relay, a penalty to team Japan opened a spot for Ukraine while all the other powerhouse teams of this event managed to qualify. In the men’s 5000m competition, the biggest surprise probably comes from the fact that the home team of Kazakhstan didn’t make it through the quarterfinals. In the 2000 mixed relay, fans of the new event won’t have the chance to see the great Dutch team this weekend as the Netherlands weren’t able to go through the quarterfinal stage following a fall from Suzanne Schulting early in their race.

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