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9 décembre 2018

Tomaszów Mazowiecki day 3: Dutch victories in the long distances

Some of the best speed skaters on the planet competed in the team sprints and long distances today during the last day of this World Cup event.

By Julie Doyon
Photo: Schaats Foto's

Team sprints: Japan and Norway win gold
The women’s Japanese team won gold with a time of 1:27.82, followed by the Russian team, and the Netherlands, who came in third. The overall ranking is tightening at the top, promising good action for the following World Cup event, which will take place in Heerenveen next week.
The Canadian team, formed by Kaylin Irvine, Heather McLean and Marsha Hudey, took the sixth place, with a time of 1:29.71.

The men offered a close race, and the Norwegian team earned the gold medal with a time of 1:21.27. The Netherlands, due to a slight loss of balance, took the second place, followed by the Russian team. Team China missed the podium and came in close fourth.
The Canadian team, composed of Laurent Dubreuil, Gilmore Junio and Antoine Gélinas-Beaulieu, finished ninth, after suffering a fall.

Weideman wins silver at the 5000 meters
Netherland’s Esmee Visser triumphed in the women’s event with a new track record of 7:05.18, one second faster than her closest competitor, Canada’s Isabelle Weidemann, who won silver. Russia’s Natalia Voronina completed this podium, overtaking Ivanie Blondin, who came in fourth.

Bosker signs the new track record in the 10 000 meters
Russian skater Danila Semerikov smashed the track record in the second pair of the day with a time of 13:28.72. We had to wait for Marcel Bosker in the fifth pair to beat him as he completed the distance in 13:25.275 to win it. Russian Alex Rumyantsev had to settle for the silver medal while Semerikov took bronze.

Canadian skater Jordan Belchos finished twelve, taking the last given points of the A group.

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