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13 mai 2019

WIC 2: Solo victory for Timothy Loubineaud in Dijon

French skater Timothy Loubineaud, representing Powerslide, won the second leg of the 2019 World Inline Cup today in Dijon.

By Jackob Savard
Photo: Philippe Gressier - AMsports Roller Club

Timothy Loubineaud skating for Powerslide won the 2019 Dijon marathon, the second leg of the 2019 World Inline Cup. The French Skater escaped the pack with 25km left in the race to claim his first major marathon victory in the senior category. He crossed the finish line in 1:03:59. The pack composed of skaters such as Ewen Fernandez, Nolan Beddiaf, Elton de Souza, Bart Swings and Felix Rijhnen never came back on him and fought for the second place at the sprint. Loubineaud’s teammate Bart Swings was the most explosive in the last straight line and took the second place finishing just ahead of Nolan Beddiaf from EO SKATES.

The ladies’ race was won in the final sprint and ended with a French trio at the top. Clémence Halbout from Bont won it in front of Marie Dupuy from EO SKATES and Juliette Pouydebat from Castellon Roller marathon. They completed the marathon with a time of 1:16:36 in this tough race competed in windy weather condition and some challenging climbs.

The next World Inline Cup marathon will take place the 26th of May in Rennes, France.

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