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4 février 2019

Hamar day 3: Yuskov and Bowe too strong on 1500m

The 5th World cup of the season in long track speed skating ended yesterday in Hamar.

By Jackob Savard
Photo: Bert van Lobenstein (@iceskatephotos)

On the last day of racing in Hamar, the skaters competed on the 500m (2) and 1500m distances.

Herzog & Kulizhnikov win it on 500m
Austria’s Vanessa Herzog protected her lead in the 500m overall classification with a solid win today in Hamar. She skated the 500m distance in 37.612 to beat Russia’s Angelina Golikova and Olga Fatkulina who took the second and third places.

Pavel Kulizhnikov won his second 500m of the weekend with a time of 34.786. His teammate Ruslan Murashov finished second not far behind completing the race in 34.829. Korean Jun Ho Kim who was paired with Kulizhnikov, took the bronze medal.

Yuskov & Bowe race to victory on 1500m
Russia’s Denis Yuskov won the 1500m event in 1:44.957, almost one and a half second before his closest rival, the Norwegian Havard Bokko. Young Korean skater Min Seok Kim finished in third.

Brittany Bowe won the ladies’ 1500m in 1:55.892 to finish in front of two Dutch skaters, veteran Lotte van Beek and rising star Joy Beune who won her first individual A group medal in career. With her victory, Bowe solidified her lead in the 1500m world cup classification.

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