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15 septembre 2019

Fernandez and Birkeland fastest skater at the 2019 NorthShore marathon

Ewen Fernandez and Giorgia Birkeland won the 2019 NorthShore inline marathon which was held in Duluth,USA on Saturday. 

By Jackob Savard
Photo: Rollerblade Speed Team

Many skaters from all around the world skated the classic Northshore inline marathon once again this year but it was French skater Ewen Fernandez and young American Giorgia Birkeland who crossed the line first in the men’s and ladies’ race.

Ewen Fernandez victorious in the men’s race 
French skater Ewen Fernandez skating for Rollerblade showed what he’s made of winning this 2019 edition of the NorthShore marathon. The thirty-year-old former marathon world champion crossed the line in 1:03:57.77, a minute and a half before Caleb Wakefield, Kelin Dunfee and Steffen Howard who respectively took second, third and fourth place. Last year’s winner Ken Kuwada finished fifth with a time of 1:06:45.03. Being the best American skater of the race, Caleb Wakefield was crowned American marathon champion. 

Birkeland fastest woman, Brandt-Glass American champion
Seventeen-year-old speed skater Giorgia Birkeland did the fastest time of the day, skating the 42km distance in 1:19:08.78, but she didn’t even end the day on the final podium. Birkeland wasn’t registered in the women’s elite category and wasn’t eligible for the podium nor the prize money even if she beat them all. Note that her category even started after the elite wave and she was able to pass them anyway. She crossed the line alongside two other non-elite skaters, Katrina Brown and Sarah Smith. Julie Brandt-Glass, the first elite skater, had the fourth best time of the day as she raced the marathon in 1:22:42.89 edging out Sarah Hopkins and Nicole Campbell who finished second and third in their category. Brandt-Glass is the 2019 American marathon champion.

Elite Men top 10
1. Ewen Fernandez, 1:03:57.77
2. Caleb Wakefield, 1:05:34.21
3. Kelin Dunfee, 1:05:35.65
4. Steffen Howard, 1:05:35.91
5. Ken Kuwada, 1:06:45.03
6. Aiden Brown, 1:07:47.38
7. Eddy Matzger, 1:07:47.63
8. Justin Stelly, 1:09:15.22
9. Wesley Gandy, 1:09:15.71
10. Michael Pasquarella, 1:09:16.87

Elite Women top 10
1. Julie Brandt-Glass, 1:22:42.89
2. Sarah Hopkins, 1:22:43.14
3. Nicole Campbell, 1:22:43.92
4. Katie Hoffman, 1:22:44.18
5. Albany Toloza, 1:22:45.29
6. Melissa Perry, 1:22:46.64
7. Andi Wynkoop, 1:22:47.77
8. Debbie Rice, 1:22:50.92
9. Lauren O'Donnell, 1:22:51.08
10. Deborah Brown, 1:22:51.87

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