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29 septembre 2019

Rijhnen and Tas 2019 Berlin marathon winners

The best inline skaters in the world on the marathon distance were in Berlin yesterday to race the 2019 Berlin marathon.

By Jackob Savard
Photo: Berlin marathon - SCC events

Rain added a challenge to this 2019 edition of the Berlin inline skating marathon. As always, the 42k race was the last chance to gain points for the World Inline Cup ranking and skaters from all around the World were there to compete.

Beddiaf animated the race, Rijhnen won it
No one managed to escape the pack due to the tough weather conditions. Reigning world champion Nolan Beddiaf tried everything to grab the title and led more than half of the race establishing a fast pace. With the Frenchman’s pace, the massive peloton shrinked to a 10 men group. The victory was played in the sprint and it was Germany's great Félix Rijhnen who won it. Beddiaf took second place and Elton de Souza third. After six consecutive years of victories from Bart Swings, it was his Powerslide teammate and friend Felix Rijhnen who dethroned him. Swings, who was coming back from an ice speed skating training camp was still amongst the best skaters in Berlin finishing in the leader's group.

Tas women’s winner

Belgian Sandrine Tas, who once again had a solid season, ended it with the win in Berlin. Just like the men’s race, the women’s marathon winner was also decided with a sprint to the line. Tas was the most explosive skater and crossed the line first finishing just ahead of her Powerslide teammate Germany's Katharina Rumpus and Taiwanese skater Yi-Hsuan Liu. 

The full results are available HERE

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