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1 septembre 2019

Best senior performances at the European inline championships

The best inline speed skaters in Europe battled it out at the 2019 European championships last week in Pamplona, Spain.

By Jackob Savard
Photo: Thomas Wendt (@freddyrace)

Here are some performances that captured our attention in the senior category during this week of racing. 

Italia, Italia, Italia
As expected, team Italy was strong during these championships gathering eight European titles in the senior category. Speed skating's queen Francesca Lollobrigida won two titles (track points race, road points race) while Giuseppe Bramante also got two in the men’s category winning the 1000m and the track elimination race. Daniel Niero, Duccio Marsili, Linda Rossi and the men’s relay team also all got an European title. Adding to the titles, many silver and bronze medals were awarded to Italian skaters. 

Strong week from Spanish skaters
Another country that stood out of the crowd was team Spain. Led by Ioseba Fernandez who won the 200m TT, the 100m and the one lap sprint and long distance skater Patxi Peula who took the road points race title, Spain showed their home crowd what they’re made of. The power duo of Fernandez and Peula also defended its European title in the 500m team sprint. In the ladies’ category, Maialen Onate won the title in the marathon event. We also saw great things from other Spanish skaters, notably from Jonathan Galar in the sprint distances. 

Great moments for Belgium 
Even though Bart Swings was absent, team Belgium still won a good share of titles and medals. Sandrine Tas got five individual titles and participated in Belgium’s victory in the ladies’ relay and 500m team sprint. Stien Vanhoutte participated in the team events victory and won the 100m title while her teammate Anke Vos also got some medals.

Pedronno and Ferrié, victorious for France
The championships started with young French skater Mathilde Pedronno’s victory in the 200m TT with a fast time of 18.468. At last year’s European championships, Martin Ferrié had won the elimination race but got disqualified at the end and lost the title. This year was the one for him as he skated to victory in the same exact distance with the help of teammates Doucelin Pedicone and Quentin Giraudeau. Other french skaters stepped on podiums like Valentin Thiebault, Darren de Souza and Juliette Pouydebat.

Other countries’ mentions
German Felix Rijhnen only skated the road races and won the final sprint of the marathon to get the last title up for grab in these championships. Honourable mention to Portuguese skater Diogo Marreiros who didn’t manage to get a title but accumulated a lot of silver and bronze medal during the week.

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