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5 septembre 2019

Skaters to watch at the 2019 Canada Roller Marathon

The first edition of the Canada Roller Marathon will be held this weekend at the PMG technologies circuit in Blainville.

By Jackob Savard

Strong national and international skaters will be in Blainville for this first edition of the Canada Roller Marathon organized by the VRL Club.

Darren de Souza
One of the skaters to watch for this marathon is none other than French skater Darren de Souza. He is the brother of Elton de Souza who came to Canada last year to give a skating clinic. Darren will skate the competition on Saturday and support Pascal Briand during the training camp on Sunday. He took part in France’s victory in the road relay at the 2015 World championships and has a good collection of world and european championships medals. Just before flying to Canada, Darren took bronze on 500m at the 2019 European championships.

Hugo Gérard
Another French skater who will skate the marathon is young Hugo Gérard. Rising inline speed skating star in France, Gérard finished in the top 10 of the Dijon World Inline Cup and in the top 20 of the World championships marathon this season. Look for him in Saturday's peloton.

Pascal Briand
Frenchman Pascal Briand doesn’t need any introduction in the inline speed skating world. Multiple time world and european champion in inline sport and Vancouver 2010 Olympian on the ice, Briand now shares his love for skating on his youtube channel and through coaching. The 34-year-old skater still takes part in major competitions in Europe and elsewhere in the world. Don’t be surprised to see him in the leading group this weekend. Pascal Briand will be in charge of the training camp on Sunday.

Jordan Belchos
Ontarian Jordan Belchos, 2015 team pursuit vice world champion in long track speed skating, Pyeongchang 2018 Olympian and Pan American games bronze medalist on 10 000m in inline speed skating will be one of the skaters to watch during the marathon. 

Valérie Maltais
Three-time short track speed skating Olympian Valérie Maltais was named honorary spokesperson of the event and will skate the marathon. After competing on the international circuit in short track, she’s now aiming for the 2022 Olympics in long track. She was part of the Canadian team that competed at the 2015 Pan American games in inline speed skating. 

Julien Armand
Julien Armand is a well-known skater in Quebec and Canada. Former short track speed skater and member of the 2018 Canadian team at the Inline world championships, Armand is now focused on school but still is a strong skater who will battle hard this weekend. 

Anaïs Laurent
French skater Anaïs Laurent will be another skater to watch this weekend. Already in the entourage of VRL skating club and accustomed to Quebec’s competitions, the former world vice-champion probably has high expectations for this marathon.

Jérôme Comtois-Urbain
Another well-known figure of inline speed skating in Canada who will compete at the marathon is Jérôme Comtois-Urbain. Comtois-Urbain is the 24h Montréal duo world record holder, finished third at last year’s Athens to Atlanta (A2A) 140km and was recently crowned Canadian champion in the points race. 

Sara Bak 
Born in Danmark, Sara Bak took part in many European and World championships in inline speed skating and competed on the long track speed skating international circuit. Look for her in the peloton this weekend. 

Nicko Laborde
Colombian Nicko Laborde will be someone you’ll have to look out for in Blainville on Saturday. Coming from the strongest inline speed skating country, Laborde won many inline races in Canada in the past few years and is now representing his country in short track speed skating on the World cup circuit. Look out for him as a breakaway is always possible with him. 

Who will win the first edition of the Canada Roller Marathon? The answer Saturday in Blainville.

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