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20 mai 2018

The French selection is now known

We now know the Senior and Junior A inline speed skating French selections.

By Jackob Savard
Photo: Loïc Cousin (Slap’on Photographie)

These skaters are the ones who will participate in the French training camp used to build the national team for the World and European championships later this summer. The senior skaters will have their first training camp from the 26th of May to the 28th while the Juniors will have their own training camp the following weekend.

Our friend Ewen Foussadier, who we talked about last week, achieved his first big goal of the season by making this training team.

Junior A men
Hugo Morin
Ewen Foussadier
Mathéo Kervoelen
Baptiste Allain
Mathieu Belloir
Yvan Sivilier
Marick Guerinel
Erwa Sola
Enzo Darnal

Junior A women
Marie Dupuy
Honorine Barrault
Mathilde Pedronno
Chloé Moulis
Alicia Delhommais

Senior men
Valentin Thiebault
Flavien Foucher
Doucelin Pedicone
Bastien Lhomme
Giovanni Trebouta
Martin Ferrié
Ewen Fernandez
Quentin Giraudeau
Elton de Souza
Timothy Loubineaud
Victor Aerts
Jimmy Jouette
Edwin de Souza
Nolan Beddiaf
Gwendal le Pivert

Senior women
Clémence Halbout
Juliette Pouydebat
Chloé Geoffroy
Marine Lefeuvre
Melissa Bellet
Flavie Ballandras
Joséphine Alliaud
Enora Le Guennec
Maelann Le Roux
Mélanie Lizé

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