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13 février 2022

Long track: Erin Jackson is the ladies' 500m Olympic champion

The women's 500m was on the program today in Beijing. Among the skaters to watch on the distance, were the American Erin Jackson, the Japanese Nao Kodaira and the athletes of the Russian Olympic Committee Angelina Golikova and Olga Fatkulina. 

By Jackob Savard and Carl Savard

Starting on the 4th pair, Miho Takagi from Japan put pressure on the other skaters right at the beginning of the competition with a time of 37.12 seconds. Lining up alongside her on this early pair was Vanessa Herzog, who skated the 500m in 37.28. Both women were skating early in the competition because they had only competed in one 500m race this season on the World Cup.

It wasn't until American Erin Jackson came on the track in the penultimate pair that Miho Takagi's time slipped to 2nd place. Jackson, who had missed her Olympic qualification in the 500m, was offered the opportunity to compete in the event by her compatriot Brittany Bowe who gave up her spot for her teammate. At home in the US, all eyes were on Jackson today. With a time of 37.04 seconds, Jackson passed Takagi, but she still had to wait for the result of the last pair to know what color her medal would be. Finally, one of the favorites today, the athlete representing the Russian Olympic Committee Olga Faktulina, could not do better than the 10th time, thus confirming Erin Jackson's gold medal. Takagi finished 2nd while Angelina Golikova finished in 3rd place with a time of 37.21 seconds. As for for Japan's Nao Kodaira, she had a difficult race and finished 17th.


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